Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Chris Hemsworth’s Centr app launches new 6-week program aimed at holistic health


A new, easy to follow workout program with a holistic approach to health and fitness from Centr Fit. Because your mind is just as important as your body. 

Chris Hemsworth’s hugely popular Centr Fit app has just launched a new program aimed at a holistic approach to health.

Centr Fusion, an all-in-one program that brings together strength training, boxing-inspired HIIT, and ‘power yoga’ to help you tone up, lose weight, and find your calm.

The program is led by three of the app’s top trainers, former pro boxer Michael Olajide Jr., strength expert Ashley Joi, and Elsa Pataky’s own yoga teacher Tahl Rinsky.

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Each week of the program will involve all three workout styles, ranging from 25-30 minutes, and you won’t need much equipment, just your mat and dumbbells, which you don’t even have to use if you’re still perfecting your technique.

For every session there’s a mindful component to it so you can reset, recharge and prepare for the rest of your day, post-workout cooldown. And with modifications for just about everything, it’s suitable for all fitness and flexibility levels.

“BoxHIIT is very beginner-friendly, in fact, the less experience the better because you don’t have to break old habits,” said Olajide Jr.

“We’ll focus on form and execution in the punches, plus resistance and endurance, then progressively build up the intensity each week.”

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