Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tone your tush with this at-home booty band Reformer class


Founder of Go Chlo Pilates, Chloe de Winter lets us in on how you can get a reformer-style workout at home just by using a booty band. 

One of this past years’ greatest realisations is that we can workout from home with the same effectiveness and intensity as in a studio or gym. The one thing most of us are missing at home though, is a Pilates reformer, which is about the size of a couch and cost as much as one too! It’s the resistance that the reformer springs provide that feel so great on your body.

But what if I told you I can give you that same “reformer feeling” from your own home. The booty band, when used properly, can help you activate your gluteal muscles (i.e. your butt) and your core in a whole new way, improving the way you stand, walk and move your body. So yeah, that means you can roll out of bed and do the best reformer style Pilates exercises from the comfort of your home. I do it everyday on Go Chlo On Demand and I’ll show you how.

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1. Bird Dog Extension

Great for: strengthening your butt, side waist and postural muscles

Booty band: around your feet

1. Start on your hands and knees, stacking shoulders over wrists and hips over knees

2. Using the exhale, press a leg back into the band, extending it out in line with your body

3. Inhale and slowly return

4. Repeat x 20 on each side, keeping the pelvis level

2. Abdominal Extensions

Great for: feeling a strong activation through your abdominal muscles like no other!

Booty band: around your feet

1. Lay on your back, and float your legs into tabletop position, with the feet flexed

2. Interlace your fingers behind your head, with the thumbs pointing down the back of the neck and curl the head and chest off the mat

3. Staying in the curl up, extend one leg out away from your body, keeping the opposite one in tabletop

4. Return the leg back to tabletop

5. Repeat on the other side

6. Use the exhale to extend the leg, and the inhale to return it

7. Repeat x 10 on each leg and feel the burn

3. Bridges

Great for: strengthening the glutes and hamstrings. Hello glutes, nice to meet you.

Booty band: around your thighs, just above the knees

1. Lay on your back, with your feet outer hip-width distance apart

2. Press the knees into the band until they are in line with the feet. The band should feel tight

3. Inhale and prepare

4. Exhale and lift the hips up into a bridge keeping resistance on the band

5. Inhale and lower your hips back down

6. Repeat x 20. If you want a little extra, hold the top of your bridge and press the thighs out into the band 20 times – yes yes yes

4. Plank Taps

Great for: a whole-body affair – glutes, obliques and shoulders

Booty band: around your ankles

1. Find a high plank position with hands under shoulders, legs extended and toes on the mat, hip-width distance apart, tailbone gently tucked and spine long

2. Draw a little rainbow with your heel and tap the left toes just outside your mat

3. Then return the foot back to the plank

4. Repeat on the other side

5. Repeat x 8 each way

5. Squats

Great for: functional strength of the legs with a little spice

Booty band: around your thighs, just above the knees

1. Stand with feet hip-width distance apart and ground into the heels and balls of both feet

2. Sit the hips back and squat with the arms reaching forward in front of you

3. At the bottom of the squat hold and press both thighs out into the band, feeling some more work in the glutes

4. Bring the knees back in line with the hips

5. Stand and drop the arms

6. Repeat x 20. And for a little something extra, hold at the bottom of the squat and press the thighs into the band 20 times, then stand and smile

6. Scooter

Great for: taking your glute strength to the next level

Booty band: around your thighs, just above the knees

1.Stand with feet hip-width distance apart and hands-on-hips

2. Sit into a small squat, with hips back but don’t go down too low

3. Shift the weight of your body into your left leg, really grounding into the left heel

4. Tap the right foot behind your body, maintaining the same position of the upper body and pelvis

5. Make sure the right knee straightens all the way as you tap the toes down

6. Tap the foot back in

7. Repeat x 20 and then repeat on the other side

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